Here are a few photos showcasing our clubs many activities.

Our 2021 auction was held this year. Some interesting lots & keen bidding.


2019 Train Wreck Competition with Jo's winning entry and Trevor's runner-up - a bouncing girl cuckoo clock.

SAM_0488 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Club members enjoying the 2019 Christmas Lunch.


Our Club Field Trip to the Tramway Museum 2019


General Meeting on Ships Bell Clocks

Workshop on restoring Clock Dials


The Club Auction 2019


Club meeting on Servicing Clocks


Pictured below: Our Club display at Petrie in March 2018.

Petrie Fair 2018b.jpg
Petrie Fair 2018.jpg
Presentations and Workshop activities that form the backbone of our club
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Trevs Post1_edited.jpg

The 2017 Christmas Party

Winners of the mystery raffle and the  club raffle (a Gustav Becker wall clock).

The Field Trip to the Ipswich Railway Museum September 2017. This excursion, open to club members and their families, brought back many memories for some. From the restored rolling rail stock, rail memorabilia, to stories  of the hardships in the Queensland outback, and even the only surviving WW1 German tank the Mephisto (right).

Most importantly there were several early synchronome clocks on display. A most enjoyable day.

The club's auction in April is a highly anticipated event. The auction delivered some quality items. 

Show and Tell displays deliver many surprises. Early car clocks from stem wind to rim wind (left) and a restored model time ball used in jewellery stores - interesting.

Our competitions are well supported by the members. These entries were for the most unusual clock/watch. This Omega (right) won the most elegant watch.

Eric built this beautiful bracket clock.

Our marts have been an excellent source

of a variety timepieces in all conditions.

Richard found this early 19th century grandfather clock on e-bay. Exciting find as it was built by his Great Great Great Grand- father, John Heron in 1810.

The popular workshops.

Members enjoying the 2016 Christmas party.

The Polishers getting a good workout!

More from our excellent presentors.

Recent Excursions

The Blumbergville clock at Boonah. A 'mad' clock made up of old pieces of farm machinery with train & frog calls!

Our visit to the UQ museum where Norm showed us many synchronome clocks & one of the world's longest experiments - the Pitch Drop Experiment from 1927.

The 1930 Brisbane City Hall Clock in a 71m. tower  with 3 meter length minute hands.

The Ipswich Railway Workshop & Museum visit was enjoyed by many club families. There were some fine examples of synchronome clocks.