Watch this page for up-dates & pictures of our monthly Club activities during 2019.

January Workshop - Panerai Military Watches. Our first 2019 meeting was a good chance to catch up with other members. Tony Manton,  our guest speaker gave all a great insight into the beginnings of military watches made by Panerai. We also were shown his rebuild project for a Panerai watch. Most interesting.   

February Meeting - At our AGM, the existing Committee was re-elected with a new club member - Danny Anderson being added. Alan our President outlined that we have had a most successful year. Our club name was changed, a new web site created, well supported monthly meetings, a successful field trip, one of our best auctions and a great Christmas party. 

This topic is very divisive! Does one leave alone, patch or completely renovate a dial that is obviously suffering from age? Alan talked through the silvering process, Ian demonstrated enamelling small cracks on watch dials and Trevor discussed techniques for replacing paper dials.

Show and Tell - handy hints from Tony, a sun dial tem-plate from Roger and the restoration of earthquake damaged clock towers in Christchurch from Trevor.

March Workshop - Restoring clock and watch dials.

April Meeting - Auction One of the highlights for our members where over 460 lots were offered. A catered lunch was also available. Thanks to Alan our auctioneer and all those who assisted with running this very successful auction.

May Workshop - Using Club Equipment 1 - This was a chance for members to try their hand at using tools we have at the club. Neil H demonstrated and outlined the techniques required for turning brass and in the short time produced a clock finial. We then had two lathes available for practice, two spring winders, a bushing tool  and the tumbler. Assisting Neil were Alan R and Alan C. An informative session for all.

June Meeting - Ships Bell ClocksMembers were taken through a Power Point presentation of the role of ship clocks from the 1890's to the 1980's. Chelsea, Seth Thomas, Schatz, Wempe, Sestrel and Astral brands were covered. Thanks to the presenters Michael and Trevor. Show and Tell involved Colin with slides from his trip to London, Eric with a clock he is building and Paul with a mechanical lamp. A most enjoyable meet.

July Workshop - Using Club Equipment 2 -  Ian and Tony demonstrated how to use a watch timer, test if a watch is water proof and the sealing of a watch case. Colin gave us the good news that we had been awarded a grant to be used on much needed club equipment. Dick showed his Brisbane watch and Trevor shared his visit to the RACQ Car Show with some interesting dashboard car clocks spotted.

August Meeting - Members Day -

Today featured fakes, marriages and reproductions. We had a good response from members with both watches and clocks displayed. Show and Tell featured a beautiful French clock with garnitures from Alan and an interesting trip Trevor made to the Supreme Court to restore a Herga & Co. school clock.

September Meeting- Field Trip to the Tram Museum

34 members and supporters gathered at the Ferny Grove Museum and had a great day admiring part of Brisbane's past transport history. We were told about the role of clocks used by the tram system, shown a Bundy clock being restored, taken for a tour on a tram and then left to explore the many displays.  

October Meeting - Train Wreck Competition

The annual competition this year had two cups - a gold cup for 1st place and the Presidents award of a silver cup. All entries were of high quality. The gold cup went to Jo and the Presidents cup to Trevor. 

Show and Tell - Dick had a Hornby train engine and Trevor recounted the years of the now decommissioned Talking Clock, 'George'.

November Workshop - Servicing a Clock

This meeting presented by Trevor, covered four aspects of clock servicing - movement removal, trouble shooting, the clean and oiling of the movement and clock case rejuvenation.

Show and Tell saw Tony showing his new invention - a Dremel holder and his latest electrical clock interest. Michael demonstrated the Google Home clock and Ian demonstrated  the clubs watch glass sealer.

December meeting - Christmas Party

The end of year festive party was a great ending to a most productive and informative year. Over 40 members gathered to celebrate and were entertained by a silent auction, a movement holder raffle, lucky tickets and a trivia quiz.