Watch this page for up-dates and a summary of our monthly Club activities.

Next meeting - the 'Train Wreck' scheduled for October 10. This allows members to bring along a project that they have been working on, be it a complete restoration or part. Club members will select a 'winner' to receive a cup and there will also be a cup awarded by the President for the entry judged best effort. All efforts are 'winners' and we encourage you to take part - no effort is too small.

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February MeetOur first gathering for the year saw a good attendance of 40. The AGM went off smoothly with the election of our new Committee. World War 11 featured strongly in Show & Tell with a RAF fusee Sector clock explained followed by a Sestrel Radio room "silence' clock. We had a restored Ansonia 'King' and an Abessi Plato clock. The Mart was also well stocked. Our guest speaker Shaun gave an excellent talk on Staking Sets followed by a practical demonstration on replacing a balance staff using round face & flat face hole punches. A good start to the year.


March Meet - Another good turnout for this workshop on Floating Balances. Thanks to our guest speaker Jeff who presented a well-researched explanation of how this mechanism patented by Hugo Hettich in the 1950's worked. Show & Tell was also well supported. 


Our Show & Tell table - Dick explaining a bracket clock.

A model of a movement with a floating balance.

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April Meet - The auction was thankfully held this year. Some interesting lots and competitive bidding.


May Meet the topic today looked at how to repair/restore a clock with the equipment & materials used to successfully carry out your solder or non-solder tasks. A demonstration in gilding, soldering & gluing was well received by club members. Show & Tell included two ships clocks, a collection of American watches, time zone clocks & old movements. Our President reminded us of the dangers posed when dealing with clock springs.


Jeff demonstrating his soldering skills.

June Meet - the club has had to move to another room (the Artie Belford complex) as our normal room is being used for Covid testing). We will have to get used to a smaller space for some time. Our guest speaker Shaun gave an interesting talk about the NAWCC Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania where he took part in several watch related courses. The Mart was selling well & Show & Tell saw the work done restoring a metal case clock & a bakelite !940's Ford Prefect dashboard used to display several car clocks.


July Meet - Although Covid restrictions had an impact on numbers we managed to have a successful workshop. The two Tony's explained the history of screwdrivers & then went on to demonstrate how to rescue damaged blades. An impressive practical demo. No excuses for blunt screwdrivers now.

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September Meet - Our excursion to the Telstra Museum was in doubt for some time but the impending Covid shutdown was avoided. We were shown a video of  the progress of telecommunications in Australia and then taken through the museum displays. Thanks to Anthony & Lindsay (Telstra Museum volunteers) who made this trip so interesting with their working knowledge of all the items on display. 

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