Watch this page for up-dates & pictures of our monthly Club activities during 2020.

Our last meet for the year Dec.6, normally a Christmas themed occasion, will this year change. Covid  requirements mean a catered lunch is out, so members need to bring their own food. We will have a guest speaker - the topic "Italian clocks". A silent auction will be held so bring along an item to sell and there will also be six free raffle prizes. We hope you can come along & enjoy the final 2020 meeting.

January Workshop -  A great turnout for the first meeting for 2020. The topic was clock and watch movement holders, where members brought in their holders, be they bought or hand made. Most were the latter with some ingenious constructions. Show and Tell covered new designs from Tony and Allan with a presentation from Trevor on Zig Zag or Convoy clocks. Our next meet will be the AGM.  

February AGM - a good attendance. Alan our President relayed that the club was in good health with new members joining and a small grant enabling the purchase of some much needed club equipment. We also welcomed Trevor, a new committee member.

Show and Tell saw Dick present his home made mainspring winder, Paul and Tony discussed micro-brand watches a Panzera 

from Sydney, an Aragon from Florida and C Ward from the UK. Cameron also spoke for Labanda his new place of employment.

March Workshop - Essential tools. A good turnout for this meet. Many members brought along tools helpful for working with clocks and watches. Some worthwhile hints shared. The morning session was very busy with many repair jobs on hand.

Show and Tell - Dick brought a WW1 watch, Alan had two wooden turned finials and Trevor discussed Preservation & Restoration with a Power Point on the Rothmans Clock Tower in Motueka.

October General Meeting It was great to be back in action after 7 months and to see a good turnout. The theme was Public Clocks and Trevor and Danny started with a look at the 16 public clocks they spotted on a road trip from Brisbane to Bundaberg. Tony had a Synchronome clock in action he has recently restored. Alas technical difficulties meant that our guest speaker Roger had to postpone his talk on European clocks to a later date. Alan had several clocks available for sale at the Mart, Members were also active with repair jobs. 

November WorkshopA well attended meeting saw Allan presenting the tricks he has developed for one of the most frequent jobs on a clock - that of bushing. His demonstration was well received & should give members the confidence to have a go using the clubs equipment. The mart had a good selection for sale.